About “Sameera Yusuf”

Life science| Education | Management |Fine art

Sameera Yusuf (Msc/MBA/MFA/Bed) is a writer,artist and a creative person who has a vast and deep knowledge to form words into sentence according to the audience. Her artwork is very attractive. She has acquired vast knowledge in different educational field. She is an avid writer. Sameera Yusuf has a writing skill that she has acquired from her vast area of knowledge and analysis. Sameera Yusuf has a skill to write in the area of life science/Education/Management /Information Technology and even blogging and editing. She can even give stimulating articles on fiction and nonfiction. She has a remarkable treasure of words that makes her writing different from the league. She works in a challenging and at a pressure of time scale. Being a teacher and a trainer she has a zest for writing that makes her professional platform unique and very interesting. She is also going in parallel to her Cambridge International Diploma for Teacher and Trainer and Professional writing from Saylor, University. She is an online tutor in the subject area of biology/management/education.content writingYou can also get connected with her on different public portals:

Linkedin : http://in.linkedin.com/in/sameerayusuf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sameera714

Online Teaching Fee-$25 per one hour.

Editing -$10 per 1000 words.

Content writing-Depends upon the project.